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EuroSeek Goals

If you're reading this page, you may be asking yourself, "Does the Internet really need another directory?" Here at EuroSeek, we believe the answer to that is a resounding "Yes!" However, we are not just any directory. We are committed to providing a listing of sites that are high quality with reliable content, integrating our site with social media, and working with top search engines, like Google, to maintain organization and integrity on the web

Quality is Our First Priority

It would be easy to approve every website submitted for our review, but while that might benefit us financially, it won't benefit our users. Instead, we have a team of live human beings who review every site that gets submitted, vetting them for quality, language use, content reliability, and legitimacy. This means that EuroSeek won't include sites that are just link farms for other businesses, or that immediately redirect visitors to another site entirely. As a demonstration of our commitment to quality, we're displaying our rejection rate. We believe this speaks well for our discernment and will translate into a positive user experience. You can read more about this on our Submission Guidelines and Rejection Policy page: Submission Guidelines and Rejection Policy.

Social Media is Key

We live in a sound-bite world, where thoughts are routinely compressed into 140-character bursts, tweeted, or posted on Facebook, and rather than fearing that trend, we're embracing it. We're working to integrate our site with both Twitter and Facebook, among other social media outlets, which will allow our users to share the results of a directory search with all of their friends and followers.

As we move into 2012, we believe that a social media presence will become not just beneficial, but crucial, to having a successful business. You can follow us on Twitter at or "like" us on Facebook.:

Coming Soon…

As we move forward with the "new" EuroSeek, we plan to increase the integration of social media on our site and within our Directory. Eventually, sites will be ranked by their popularity on Facebook, or the number of tweets they receive, but our commitment to quality will never waver.