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  • Newly listed!

    British Retail Consortium
    UK retail trade association founded in 1992 with membership ranging from small, independent stores to large chain & department stores.

  • Newly listed!

    Custom printer of business cards, marketing materials and clothing which was founded in 1995 by Robert Keane.

  • Newly listed!

    The North Face
    Outdoor product company founded in founded in 1966 by Douglas Tompkins as a climbing store retailer. They currently sell shirts, fleece, coats, footwear and outerwear.

  • Newly listed!

    Data-driven real estate agency founded in December of 2015 by James Turford, Matt Robinson & Phil Cowans. They help home sellers buy a new home with a cash advance based on the value of their old property.

  • Newly listed!
    News blog which covers the fragmented European technology start up industry.

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