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EuroSeek Submission Guidelines and Rejection Policy

Submission Guidelines
Rejection Policy
Website Review Process

Submission Guidelines

Sites submitted to EuroSeek for inclusion in the Directory are subject to review and approval. In order to be considered, the following minimum criteria must be met:

Note: The above-referenced criteria are minimum requirements only. EuroSeek retains the sole discretion to approve, reject, or remove submitted websites, and reserves the right to consider other criteria before doing so.

Rejection Policy:

EuroSeek reserves the right to decide whether or not websites are accepted for inclusion in the Directory. If a website is approved for inclusion, EuroSeek will consider the site-owner's preferences, but retains the right to determine where and how a website is listed. Websites will be assigned to categories and/or subcategories as EuroSeek deems appropriate. EuroSeek retains sole discretion about the use or non-use of specific keywords, comments, or annotations within a site's listing in the Directory.

EuroSeek also reserves the right to remove any website from the Directory, to change the category or subcategory of any website, and to change or remove any keywords, comments or annotations at any time, for reasons including, but not limited to changes in the business, goods, services, nature, or content of a website or the business it represents.

EuroSeek will not accept listings for online gambling websites, which EuroSeek defines as websites with gambling as a core theme, including websites that require payment or accept wagers in exchange for the opportunity to win prizes, as well as any websites offering information and links that are meant primarily to promote online gambling.

EuroSeek will not accept listings for prescription drug websites, which EuroSeek defines as websites that sell prescription drug products as well as websites offering information or links meant primarily to promote the sale of prescription drugs.

Website Review Process

EuroSeek charges applicants/site-owners a review fee for each website submitted for inclusion in the Directory. These fees are non-refundable.

Upon review of a submitted website, EuroSeek will contact the applicant/site-owner by email and state whether or not the site has been approved for inclusion in the directory.

If a website is accepted, the applicant/site-owner is entitled to a one-time request for reconsideration for the placement of the website, title, comment fields, categorization, etc., at no additional charge. Reconsideration requests should be emailed to EuroSeek at the address provided in the acceptance notification. EuroSeek must receive the reconsideration request within thirty calendar days from the date that the acceptance email was transmitted. Upon receipt of such timely requests, EuroSeek will conduct a secondary review of the website in question, and then email notification of its final decision. Once a site has been included in EuroSeek's listings, any substantial changes to the website must comply with EuroSeek's standard change process in order to alter the listing in the Directory.

If a website is rejected, the applicant or site-owner may request one appeal or reconsideration of their website at no additional charge by sending an email to the address provided by EuroSeek in the initial rejection notification. Such requests must be received within thirty days from the date that EuroSeek transmitted the original notification of rejection. Upon receipt of a timely reconsideration request, EuroSeek will conduct a secondary review of the website in question and notify the site-owner/applicant of its final decision. If the secondary review results in a reaffirmed rejection of the website, EuroSeek will not accept any further appeals or submissions.